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For over 20 years, entrepreneur and author Arnie Malham has been consciously creating an unavoidable workplace culture at cj Advertising. It’s his firm belief that his company culture was worth doing wrong on the way to getting it right. Now he wants to share his winning formula to attract the best people, inspire the best work, and produce the best results.

Talk Culture With Arnie

With your seemingly endless list of to-do’s, maybe you’ve put building a company culture on the back burner. You think: when my business grows and becomes more profitable, I’ll hire better people and then I’ll have time for culture. Well, Arnie is here to tell you that you should never wait to start working on your company’s culture. In this session, he’ll show you what you can do to change the culture of your workplace that will absolutely be worth doing wrong.

Book Arnie to speak at your next business event and everyone will learn…

  • Who is most responsible for culture in your organization.
  • Harvestable ideas to develop and evolve your company’s culture.
  • How to eliminate excuses that traditionally haunt, halt, and handicap your company culture and your team.
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February 2017
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University School of Nashville

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